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👋 Bonjour

I am Yot, a self-taught dev. I code things for fun and to learn things. You can check out my projects if you want. Don't forget to leave a star on my GitHub below :)

I mostly code in C++ (with SDL2 and Raylib) to make small games, Java to make Minecraft mod/plugins, C#, Swift for iOS apps (mostly for jailbreak), Python, depending on my projects. But I'm also a fast learner, meaning I can learn a new language it a short period of time.

💻 My projects


A Minecraft mod that adds Frost Walker abilities to boats when wearing boots with the enchantment.


A iOS jailbreak app to download tweak's .deb files.


A iOS jailbreak app to play games on switch "online" using LAN.

Uranium mod

A Minecraft fabric mod that adds uranium ores, tools, blocks and other in the game.


A Python script to setup a Minecraft server as fast as possible.


My first game in C++, made using SDL2. A pong with bonuses.